Guide Through the World of Books is the biggest bookseller in the country with the highest number of branches, including the biggest bookstore in Central Europe, yet it doesn’t beat the competition with low prices, but their service.

They set up meetings with authors, bring fresh reviews and make sure everyone finds their favorite books, in short they keep the community of readers happily thriving. Assisting Neoluxor in improving their main online website that will help readers as well as their sales was a story of many chapters.

At the end of the story Neoluxor passed their growth from only Prague based bookstore to national bookseller with many branches and reliable online shop.

Website: Reading between the lines

  • PersonasStories based on real events

    With all the data we created several personas, imaginary users that are based on data from real users. They cover the most probable user scenarios on the site - a fictional story based on real events.

  • Content analysisMap of important points

    We continued with content analysis which shows all stuff on the site and serves as a tip-off for different ways how to group topics and categories. The clue for the best setup is back in the personas.

  • Intuitive interfaceNo reading needed

    You may think that people shopping on Neoluxor site might like to read, but we rather focused on creating very intuitive navigation based on colors, icons and pictures that reflects the possible ways and moves that users do the most.

  • AdjustmentsNever-ending editing

    Even today the Neoluxor team keeps gathering data – from the site, regular mailings and all in-store channels to understand the users better and help to find their favorite book before even they know what it might be.

Tools & Advice: Keeping the story open

After the main website was ready, we turned our sight to additional tools and ideas.

For example we created an official Neoluxor Blog to keep the community informed about news in the world of books and to stir debate among fan readers.

To get an interactive experience with a blink of a human touch, we designed and programmed detailed Online Catalog and Online Personal Guide with possibility to get a recommendation from specialists in various genres. With such a support you can hardly miss what you need to find.

Then either having a particular book on mind or just an idea of the author’s name, our search algorithms help to find and order the book from the stocks within seconds.

Some tools are only part of our temporary campaigns and some for success stay for good. For example we extended Christmas online chat into a personal online guide — simple questionaire that will help an experienced shop assistants to advise you the best title for you.

Based on broad personal profile you could choose who might be the best assisstant for you had — a girl with focus on cookbooks and world literature or a guy oriented on science fiction and comic books?

This helped customers shop online without any doubts whether their pick will be the right fit. More to it they could skip for once a crowded book shops and enjoy holiday!

Campaign: Stories that create community

Christmas stories for everybody

Somewhere between all the work on the website, Christmas struck. Again! We took a break and created a simple, modern, yet timeless campaign plays with popular book titles as various happy Christmas moments based on Czech traditions, because in Neoluxor everyone can find the right story that will bring joy.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Christmas stories for everyone

Robinson Crusoe

Christmas stories for everyone

Closely Watched Trains

Christmas stories for everyone

Celebrating with community

We also designed a campaign that celebrated a decade on the market. We invited authors and fans to say their congratulations to the 10th birthday and celebrate with Neoluxor. Various messages and wishes from several authors became part of the design to keep the spirit of community present for longer.

Jo Nesbø pro Luxor

Good luck to Luxor.

Jo Nesbo

Jaroslav Dušek pro Luxor

More light.

Jaroslav Dušek
16. 4. 2012

Dita Pecháčková pro Luxor

All the best to Luxor.

Dita Pecháčková

Zdeněk Svěrák pro Luxor

Happy Birthday,
dear Luxor. I am glad books have their own palace and you take care of them well. Sorry to be on first name terms, but you just turned ten.

Zdeněk Svěrák